Think about my last words

They might be what I just said

19 July 1983
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I've fallen so far I cannot even look up and see the sky. Now I fear I cannot repair my wings fast enough to get me out before this dark cavern collapses. Optimism without action is nothing, and action still eludes me. I am left with hope that is true, while the reality it dreams of remains false. Sometimes I break down and beg for someone to offer me salvation, but as soon as they extend their hand I turn away. I know I put myself here, and that there will not always be someone nearby to hear my cries. I have to learn how to escape on my own. I have to heal my own wings and stop gliding on the wind of those around me. But when one has been grounded for so long, taking flight again seems like an impossible task.

I know I am strong enough to reach the sky again, so why do I remain here?